The Cherry Bombe Jubilee

This past weekend I took a trip with my wonderful friend Becca to New York City to attend the first annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee and of course, do some serious eating. While the awful weather wasn’t the most convenient to walk around in, it didn’t stop us from enjoying some great meals and of course, The Jubilee! This room was packed with major players across the food industry; some of the most respected chefs, writers, publishers, PR professionals and everyone in between were in attendance. There were panels addressing everything from the relationship between the media and chefs, being a mother and a working food professional and last but most definitely not least, a chat with Ruth Reichl. The conference was inspiring and as predicted, absolutely delicious. Cheers to the First Annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee!




angel food

Recently I haven’t been going out to eat as much as I used to. Maybe it’s my schedule or maybe it’s the season but sometimes, homemade really is better. I don’t live alone, so between all my housemates a lot of things tend to go missing in the kitchen. This week the lucky missing item was my whisk attachment. Luckily I have some vintage kitschy-kitchenwares hidden in some drawers and I found an old hand beater. This was the first angel food cake I’ve made in sometime and I probably could have chosen a recipe with a little less meringue, but where’s the fun in that?