Walrus and Carpenter Oysters & north

Earlier this summer a friend and I drove to Charlestown, Rhode Island for a tour of the Walrus and Carpenter Oyster company and a dinner cooked on the shore of Ninigret pond by north’s James Mark. This was an experience that makes you re-evaluate any meal you’ve had in the past or will have in the future. We took boats across the Ninigret Pond where our oyster farming hosts Jules and Phoebe displayed bags of oysters in different stages of development. After plucking a large sack out of the pond, we docked at an ingenious impromptu raw bar and were free to shuck and sip prosecco to hearts content. The boys from north had four courses waiting on the shore; charred tomato panzanella, squid with fermented chilies, quahog and oyster escabeche and a grilled lobster pile.




Counter Culture Coffee


This Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Counter Culture’s Brewing Basics course at their Somerville training center outside of Union Square. After a crash course in the art of proper extraction and strength, I find myself unable to resist making cup after cup of (much better tasting) coffee. If you’re a somewhat discerning coffee drinker looking to troubleshoot your cup at home, this class is well worth your while.



angel food

Recently I haven’t been going out to eat as much as I used to. Maybe it’s my schedule or maybe it’s the season but sometimes, homemade really is better. I don’t live alone, so between all my housemates a lot of things tend to go missing in the kitchen. This week the lucky missing item was my whisk attachment. Luckily I have some vintage kitschy-kitchenwares hidden in some drawers and I found an old hand beater. This was the first angel food cake I’ve made in sometime and I probably could have chosen a recipe with a little less meringue, but where’s the fun in that?


Trillium Brewing Company

DSC02786Trillium is a family owned and operated brewery that recently opened up in (not so surprisingly) Fort Point. The spot is small but beautiful, lined with reclaimed wood on every surface. As of now, they’re open Thursday and Friday from 4-7:30 and Saturday from 10-5 for growler purchases. They can’t give out any samples yet, thanks to Boston’s staunch city ordinances banning fun but hopefully that will soon change. Trillium is only the the third production brewery in Boston proper right now and they’re pretty different from their competition. As of my visit, they had the Trillium on tap, a farmhouse ale. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for Trillium and especially their flagship after my first purchase. The growler of Trillium was the only beer in my refrigerator the day of the Boston Marathon bombings and I’ll admit, I managed to finish almost the entire jug by myself as events unfolded. I’m glad that on that day in particular, I was drinking a beer that made me proud of my city and the products that continue to come out of it.



25th Annual SCAA

This year the SCAA was hosted in Boston and as a pretty serious caffeine addict, I couldn’t pass up the chance to cover it. Apart from pillaging every delicious sample I could get my hands on, I also tasted my share of phenomenal espresso and saw some pretty neat things from some great companies.

Tasters Cup



Zeerover On these particularly cold and gray days we’ve been having lately, I think back to less than a month ago when I was sunburnt and seaside in Aruba. After making annual trips to the island thanks to a trusty timeshare, I’m always excited to find something new whenever I return. After getting multiple tips about this place, we finally stopped in for lunch on our last day. This pay-by-weight fish shack has a basic menu; catch of the day, shrimp, plantains and french fries but between the simple and delicious food, dockside dining and dollar beers, it’s clear there’s nothing basic about Zeerover. There’s no stuffy crowd here; everyone is sandwiched on picnic tables between groups locals and more adventurous tourists. This is hands down one of the most authentic, affordable and freshest meals in Aruba.Zeerover

Zeerover Restaurant

Savaneta 270, Savaneta, Aruba