This morning I toasted up a couple rolls and finished off the last of my blueberry basil preserves from the summertime; here’s to making the best of bad situations.


Heat wave.

ToastSince I can’t do much baking in this heat, I’m letting other people do it for me. I bought a loaf of pain de mie from Clear Flour and dipped into some blackberry preserves I had a chance to make last week.



angel food

Recently I haven’t been going out to eat as much as I used to. Maybe it’s my schedule or maybe it’s the season but sometimes, homemade really is better. I don’t live alone, so between all my housemates a lot of things tend to go missing in the kitchen. This week the lucky missing item was my whisk attachment. Luckily I have some vintage kitschy-kitchenwares hidden in some drawers and I found an old hand beater. This was the first angel food cake I’ve made in sometime and I probably could have chosen a recipe with a little less meringue, but where’s the fun in that?